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BorderStrain ARPG






World Of Pangea

The world of Pangea is a procedually generated world with different regions each having its own climate and vegatation as well as enemy types and enemy abilities.

There are 4 distinct types of Biomes to encounter, Leaf-Tree Regions, Pine-Tree Regions, Jungle Regions and Desert Regions. However, local variations in the areas climate is designed to make same type Regions still very different.

Apart from the outside regions of Pangea the world also houses Dungeons & Caves which can be freely explored by the player.

The entire world is completely open and the player can embark on a journey wherever he or she chooses, the only limitation is the amount of dangers exountered and wheter or not the player is equipped to handle the challenges.


The following main types of Biomes can be encountered in the world

Leaf-Tree Regions

There are abundant regions of leaf trees around Pangea. These moderately tempered regions houses many different lifeforms and are one of the favorite settling regions for most civilizations.

Pine-Tree Regions

If one ventures into the colder Regions of Pangea one encounteres more and more Pine-Tree Regions. Being better suited to the cold and harsh environments the dominate their choosen region.

Jungle Regions

The warm and moist regions of Pangea houses wast Jungle Regions. The Jungles of Pangea is home to the largest bio-diversity of the Planet but is also the most deadly.

Desert Regions

There are several barren wastelands scattered throuought Pangea. These extremely hot regions houses a limited amount of vegetation and provide a barren refuge to many outcast factions.

Dungeons & Caves

Dungeons & Caves are the two main types of underground areas to explore. Below is a description of each type and how they differ.


Dungeons are semi-procedual underground structures which can be found and explored throughout the world.

Dungeons are designed in the Map-Maker as part of making an Expansion and can have a lot of different styles and challenges.

Loot found in containers within Dungeons drop with a Level corresponding to the difficulty of the Dungeon, making treasure-hunting within Dungeons very profitable. But dangerous...

Dungeons can have multiple levels with increasing difficulty the deeper the Player goes. But then again, the rewards increase as well!


Caves are procedually generated underground structures found in various locations around Pangea. They are completely procedually generated and not designed in the Map-Maker.

Cave systems are one of the riches sources of various minerals with both density of minerals as well as rarity type going up the deeper the Player explores.

Just as Dungeons, Caves can also have multiple Levels to explore for the brave adventurer!


The world of Pangea houses many different type of creates belonging to different factions. Described below is a few of many different factions that can be encountered


The Rifter Faction is a scourge to all known life in the Universe. These cretures originate from a subspace outside our reality but are drawn to any significant sources of power.

Once a energy source attracts their attention they portal into our world through rifts and aggresively attacks anything near the powersource.


The Crystal Faction is a native faction to Pangea. They are a crystalline type lifeform most likely evolved from the extreme right Embrizium ore presence at Pangea.

The Crystals are generally simple minded creatures and care little of the events in the world around them. However, trespassing into their territory will provoke an aggresive and immidiate response.


The Cyborg Faction has one single purpose, the improvement of life by combination the best of any biological or mechanical technology found.

They are ruthless in their pursuit of the ultimate lifeform and will attack anyone or anything that stands in the way of their ultimate goal.