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BorderStrain ARPG






General Gameplay

Exploring the world of Pangea can be a dangerous task so keeping up to speed to gameplay basics is of vital importance


Press & Hold the Move button to start moving.


Pressing the Attack button fires the players equipped Weapon. Each attack consumed one Round and when the weapons Magazine is empty the player must Reload before being able to attack again. 

If the Weapon is infused with an Artifact with an Active Ability each attack has a small chance of triggering this effect.

Melee Attacking

Pressing the Melee Attack Button makes the player perform a Melee Attack. Damage & Attackspeed is based on the equipped Melee Weapon. Performing several attacks in a row increased damage with each attack up to a maximum of 5 Chained Attacks.


Pressing the Dodge button makes the player perform a Dodge Move. Dodging is quick way of getting out of harms way. However, each Dodge consumes a small amount of Energy.


Apart from general movement, shooting & dodging there are three special stances available which can always be activated to put the player in a special stance. While in a stance the player cannot move but have access to special abilities.

Snipe Stance

Start by Press & Hold the Movement Button and then Press & Hold the Attack button puts the player in the Snipe Stance.

Holding the attack button while in Snipe Stance charges up the sniper attack. Releasing the attack button fires a sniper round. The longer the attack is charged up the more powerful shot is delivered. Sniper attacks also have a chance of scoring a Ciritical-Hit for massive damage.

Shield Stance

Holding down the Scan button activates the Shield Stance. While in the Shield Stance the player can deflect most projectiles. Some attacks cannot be deflected but are reduced significantly in damage. 

Each projectile hit & deflected while in the Shield Stance recovers a snall amount of energy.

Heavy Stance

Pressing the Heavy Stance puts the player in this stance. While in heavy stance Attacking no longer consumes Ammo but instead each attack cost Energy. Damage is also increased and each hit has a small chance of scoring a Critical-Hit.