BorderStrain ARPG

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Patch Bug-Fixes & Polish

-Improvements To Mini-Map

Patch Feature

-Added Mini-Map With Player and Quest Indicators

Patch Bug-Fixes

-Fixed Various Network Bugs

Patch Bug-Fixes & Polish

-Bug Fixes Related To

-Futher Polished Flares

Patch Performance & Bug-Fixes

-Furter Improved Network Performance

-Flares Are Now More Useful

-Fixed Various Bugs

Patch Performance & Bug-Fixes

-Reduced Internet Usage ~60%

-Fixed Bug Related to Character Save

-Fixed Various Smaller Bugs

Patch Bug-Fixes

-Removed Multiple Small Bugs

-Improved Save Stability of Character Data

-Reduced Overall Amount of Snow

Patch Bug-Fixes & Graphics

-Improved Dungeon Visibility

-Improved Particle Effects

-Added Particle Motion-Blur Support

-Improved Muzzle Flash Graphics

-Removed Smaller Graphical Glitches

Patch Bug-Fixes & Features

-Improved On-Hit Graphics

-Improved Muzzle-Flash Graphics

-Improved Save-Data Handling

-Added Minimum Damage to Weapons

-Ground Shockwave Graphical Effect

-NPCs in Cities are now less aggressive

Patch Performance

-Fixed a bug related to game creation

-Fixed bug related to restarting game

-Better handling of corrupt game files

-Reduced calculation accuracy for performance boost

-Some render peformance boosts

Patch Feature

-Turrets Can Now Be Reclaimed

-Various Blocks can be Salvaged

-Enemies flash white when hit

Patch Multiple

-More Advice Pop-Ups Added

-Blood-Splatter Effects Added

-Proper Start-Weapons

-Intro Dungeon made Easier

-Skill-Points visible in Skill-Tree

-Reduced Death XP Penalty

Patch Bug-Fixes

-Fixed bugs related to

Patch Feature & Interface

-Added Block-Health Indicators

-Added support for stackable Items

-Resources are now inventory-items

-Added Dialog Audio support

-Small Graphic Improvements

Patch Performance & Feature

-Improved upload of Leaderboard data

-Added short cutscenes to main story arc

Patch Performance

-Improvements to how main screen resolution is read and set upon startup

Patch Performance

-Improved overall performance

Patch Interface

-Added Hints which shows up for new players explaining key concepts

-Pressing ESC will bring up main menu

Patch Interface

-Added loading text while creating new server