BorderStrain ARPG

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BorderStrain is an 2D-Open World ARPG for PC, explore the world of Pangea alone or join with friends in full multiplayer co-op!

The game is built upon our custom OpenGL engine and have both procedually generated worlds and loot as well as an built-in map-maker to allow you to easily create your own expansions and share with friends!

2020-03-13 BorderStrain 1.5 Is Now Released!

The Release Build contains lots and lots of updates, listed below is a few of the major ones:

-Lots & Lots of Gameplay Adjustments

-More Alien Terrain

-New Sounds & Music

-Improved AI Behaviour

-Complete Voice Acted AI to Guide You On Your Adventures

-Improvements to Main Quest

-Integrated Help Menu Now Available

-Performance Improvements

-Lots of Bug Fixes


2019-11-22 Homestead Patch Now Live!

This is the forth larger content Patch for BorderStrain - Early Access and the last planned Pre-Release Patch. The next Patch after this one will bring the game into Release!

This Patch focus on improving the Crafting System of the game as well as updating the GUI

New Updated GUI Interface
Completely Revised Crafting System
New Mining-Stance Available
New Block-Type Added
Various Smaller Fixes and Additions

New Crafting System:
- All Crafting now shares a common resource: Resource Points
- Materials such as Stone, Wood, Iron etc. gives different Resource Points
- Items can be Salvaged for Resource Points
- Collect & Learn new Blueprints to Craft
- Scan & Build Complete Structures
- Gathering Resource Points also yields an XP Reward

New Mining-Stance:
- Press & Hold the Use Button to start Mining
- Mine Blocks to gather Blueprints & Resource Points
- Mining the Ground and finding Ore Veins yields Bonus Resource Points

New Block-Type:
- Impeding Blocks
- Deals Damage to anyone passing over
- Slows down Movement Speed
- 3 Different Types Added
- Collectable & Craftable

Minor hot-fixes are expected as this Patch goes Live

Please report any bugs/issues either at the Community Hub or directly at

2019-09-14 Mastery Patch Now Live!

This is the third larger content Patch for BorderStrain - Early Access.

This Patch focus on improving the overall Skills used in the game

Multiple Skills Replaced
Multiple New Skills Added
Multiple Changes to Existing Skills

Melee Weapons have been damage increased significantly
Update Melee Attack Effects
Update Teleport Effect
Added A Few New Area Visual Effects
Updated Projectile Explosion Secondary Effects
Added Ambient Sounds From Multiple Blocks
Various Bug Fixes

Following Skills have been Changed:

Offensive: Rapid Fire
-Attacks performed while Active now always are Instant-Hit type

Offensive: Burst-Shot
-Projectiles spawned now has reduced Area-Effect

Following Skills Have Been Removed:

Defensive: Clone
-Replaced with Infest

Defensive: Active Armour
-Replaced with Cocoon

Stealth: Pull-Loot
-Replaced with Death-Stance

Stealth: Negate-Attack
-Replaced with Nova Strike

Offensive: Flamethrower
-Replaced with Barrage-Stance

Offensive: Grenade-Volley
-Replaced with Berserk

Utility: Auto-Repair
-Replaced with Plasma Fence

Following Skills Have Been Added:

Basic: Empower
-Increased the power of all other active Skills while active

Basic: Demolition Charge
-Places a Demolition Charge that explodes after some time dealing Area-Damage and Bonus Damage against Blocks

Basic: Priomordial Rage
-Each Kill while active adds a Stack. Each Stack gives Bonus Damage

Basic: Heavy Blow
-Next Melee Attack deal Bonus Damage

Defensive: Cocoon
-Creates a protective Cocoon while Active which Prevents Damage and increased Health Regeneration

Defensive: Infest
-Deal Damage to target Creature. If killed it spawns a number of Friendly Spiders

Stealth: Nova Strike
-Teleport towards closest Enemy and perform multiple Melee Attacks, each dealing Bonus Damage

Stealth Death-Stance
-While Sniping Attacks now Pierce and damages all Enemies along bullet-path

Offensive: Barrage-Stance
-While in Heavy Stance Attacks also spawn Secondary Projectiles upon impact

Offensive: Berserk
-Player Receives Bonus Damage and Damage Reduction for each % Health missing while Active

Utility: Plasma Fence
-Drag & Drop to Place a energy fence dealing Damage to all Creatures passing through while Active

Please report any bugs/issues either at the Community Hub or directly at


2019-08-13 Wayfaring Patch Now Live!

This is the second larger content Patch for BorderStrain - Early Access.

The focus of this Patch is primarily to expand the World Environment as well as add new tools for the Map-Maker which will allow for larger and better future content.

With the Wayfaring Patch the game now support 25 times larger custom areas, as well as a lot of newly generated Areas. Each city now has a Bounty-Broker which can supply custom Quests and the Map-Maker now has support for making your own Quests which can appear at the Bounty-Broker!

Many new Blocks has also been added to allow for increased variation of areas and now also supports placement of Creature-Spawners which are invisible blocks that can be used to pre-populate and area with specific Creatures.


2019-06-29 Pangea Patch Now Live!

This is the first larger content Patch for BorderStrain - Early Access.

The focus of this Patch is primarily to expand the World Environment as well as add more gameplay in the form of new areas, new items and new special blocks!

With the Pangea Patch the world of Pangea now houses new, more alien areas. The World-Generator has been updated to provide better variation of the game world and new enivronmental conent and effects such multiple new Alien Trees, new Blocks and fog during Dawn and Dusk has been added!

For new Loot the Patch adds Sigils, Crystals and Log-Entries. 

These are items which can be Infused in the Players Weapon to provide unique and powerful effetcs. Sigils gains XP and the more a Sigil is used the more Powerful it becomes. One intention here is also that it opens up for more Player Builds. There are a total of 12 different Sigils to be found in the game.

Crystals are a new typ of Consumable. They can provide different one-time Effects, such as an XP-Reward, a Terraforming Event or to control the Weather and Spawn-Rate of of Creatures and Enemies.

Log-Entries can now be found dropped in the game. They provide different short historical data of Pangea. The more Entries found the more backstory of Pangea can be discovered. Once the Player no longer feels a need for them they can also be Consumed for an XP Reward.

Special Lootable Blocks:
A new type of special blocks which can be found in the World. These special blocks, such as tainted alien eggs or floating crystals, can be destroyed for a large Loot Reward. However, they can also trigger dangerous events once destroyed so thread carefully!

This Patch also containes various smaller bug fixes and patches!

Please report any bugs found on the Community Forums or directly to

We will be extra vigilant to hot-fix any potential bugs now during the release of this Patch!


2019-06-15 Sneek Preview Of Upcoming Pangea Patch!

There have been a lot of small bug-fix and mini-feature Patches recently. However, there is also a larger Patch at work which aims to increase the variation of the game world. Being a larger patch there is still some time before it is released but we wanted to give a sneek-peak of what it will contain!

One item to be added are a number of new sci-fi style trees, here below is a sneek peek of few of the 12 new base-types of trees that have been prepared for the patch!


Another addition is three new types of items; Sigils, which can be levelled up and bound in your weapon to provide unique effects, Gems which are powerful one-use items and Logs which provide short pieces of Pangea History!


The final asset additions include 8 new animated environmental blocks to be found in the game which drops special loot!


2019-05-26 WebPage Forum Replaced By Steam Community

The local webpage Forum will no longer be available. Instead all discussions are now moved to the Steam Community Hub. This provides an easer access and does not require users to register to a second Forum!

2019-05-24 Announcement!

BorderStrain is now available as Steam Early Access!

Head over to the Steam Store to check the latest trailer, join in discussions and, if your interested, purchase your own copy of the game!

This is a major landmark for the game and I will be working extra hard the upcoming time to keep on top of any issues encountered and to help improve any feedback reported!



  • 2D Open World RPG

  • Single & Multiplayer

  • Global Leaderboards

  • Procedual Loot

  • 4 Unique Skill-Trees to Mix & Mash!

Best Regards!     BG109