BorderStrain Development Blog

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2015-03-30: First Post!

Welcome to BorderStrain Development Blog! Here you will find videos, screenshot, development reports and whatever concerning BorderStrain

So, what is BorderStrain? BorderStrain is an single/multiplayer indie ARPG/Crafting/Sandbox game in development. Its developed by, well, me ;)

The main motivation for developing the game is simply to try to see If I could develop a game I would enjoy playing and (hopefully!) others will enjoy as well

Its still in alpha as there is a lot of ironing out left still but at least I'm confident enough now to start showing some early videos, screenshot at to start asking for some general feedback.

Graphics/sprites is still in an early stage as it is somewhat timeconsuming and I'm primarily focusing on getting the mechanics in place right now

Gametesting is right now limited to a selected few to start get some general feedback but I'm aiming at starting inviting more alpha-testers once I have the multiplayer functionality ironed out (it is being developed/coded with multiplayer in mind but it is not yet fully implemented).

Stay tuned for updates! ;)