BorderStrain ARPG

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BorderStrain is an 2D-Open World ARPG for PC, explore the world of Pangea alone or join with friends in full multiplayer co-op!

The game is built upon our custom OpenGL engine and have both procedually generated worlds and loot as well as an built-in map-maker to allow you to easily create your own expansions and share with friends!

2019-06-15 Sneek Preview Of Upcoming Pangea Patch!

There have been a lot of small bug-fix and mini-feature Patches recently. However, there is also a larger Patch at work which aims to increase the variation of the game world. Being a larger patch there is still some time before it is released but we wanted to give a sneek-peak of what it will contain!

One item to be added are a number of new sci-fi style trees, here below is a sneek peek of few of the 12 new base-types of trees that have been prepared for the patch!


Another addition is three new types of items; Sigils, which can be levelled up and bound in your weapon to provide unique effects, Gems which are powerful one-use items and Logs which provide short pieces of Pangea History!


The final asset additions include 8 new animated environmental blocks to be found in the game which drops special loot!


2019-05-26 WebPage Forum Replaced By Steam Community

The local webpage Forum will no longer be available. Instead all discussions are now moved to the Steam Community Hub. This provides an easer access and does not require users to register to a second Forum!

2019-05-24 Announcement!

BorderStrain is now available as Steam Early Access!

Head over to the Steam Store to check the latest trailer, join in discussions and, if your interested, purchase your own copy of the game!

This is a major landmark for the game and I will be working extra hard the upcoming time to keep on top of any issues encountered and to help improve any feedback reported!



  • 2D Open World RPG

  • Single & Multiplayer

  • Global Leaderboards

  • Procedual Loot

  • 4 Unique Skill-Trees to Mix & Mash!

Best Regards!     BG109